Welcome  and  thank  you  for choosing  us  as  your  supplier.

Pretty  Arts  products Ltd was established in 2004 and has successfully attained factory audits from Coca-Cola,SEDEX and BSCI.

Pretty Arts products Ltd is located in Changshu city an hour’s drive from Shanghai Airport.

We are a large-scale manufacturer specialised in the production of all kinds of sport backpacks, cooler bags,wine bags,travel bags,schoolbags,picnic bags,beach bags and cosmetic bags.

Our factory covers over 4,000 square meters. It contains five advanced production lines and employs 100 workers.

We have an in-house printing facility which ensures high quality standards of print and quickly delivery.

We have export licenses and a partner shipping department in Shanghai port providing our customers with a good and efficient service.

In order to provide environmentally friendly products and maintain our high standards we maintain an experienced management team and a strict internationally recognised Quality Control process.

Our company mottos are “Quality First, High Efficiency and Credible Reputation.”

As a result, our products sell well in such overseas markets as the USA, Europe, Japan, South America, Australia,and Southeast Asia.

We warmly welcome your OEM and ODM orders.

We not only supply high quality, novel products,but also offer the most competitive prices.

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